Sudden Strike 4 is a Real Time Tatics or Strategy game that was developed by Kite Games and published by Kalypso Media. The game is set in the European front of World War II and allows players to control Soviet, Allied, and German forces, as well as Finnish forces in the Winter Storms DLC. Each faction will have 7 battles for their campaign and 3 distinct leaders to choose from.


The game includes both single and multiplayer modes. Players can hone their skills against the A.I or duke it out against another human opponent.

Unlike other RTS or RTT games, Sudden Strike 4 will rely heavily on scripted reinforcements and unique characteristics. There is no need to worry about base building or unit production, as each battle has it's own script.

Each leader will come with their own Doctrines. Doctrines act in a similar fashion to skill trees and while some leaders have unique abilities, many overlap.

Each doctrine can be equipped after accruing enough stars from previous mission completions.