The Siege of Leningrad: The Road of Life is the first Battle in the Soviet campaign.


The city of Leningrad (today called Saint Petersburg) came under siege by German forces and their allies in September 1941 as part of the invasion of the Soviet Union. The siege was lifted over two and a half years later, making it one of the longest sieges in history. The attacking forces set up a ring around the city, closing off communications and supply lines to and from Leningrad. During the first winter of the siege, the Russians found the frozen Lake Ladoga bordering the city to be a viable - if dangerous - means to connect with the outside world. The first convoy departed on 22 November 1941, and soon, the line regularly transported supllies to, as well as civilians and wounded from the besieged city, and was named the Road of Life. Thanks to enemy bombardment, the ice became increasingly deadly to navigate, and the Germans also attacked convoys regularly with special troops. Thanks to the Road of Life... TBC.