Operation Plunder: Lembeck Castle is the seventh Battle in the Allied Campaign.



Beginning on 23rd March 1944, Operation Plunder was a decisive Allied offensive in which joint British and American forces crossed the River Rhine at key points such as Reel and Wesel in order to gain entry into Germany's industrial center, the Ruhr. The maneuver was meant to cripple the region, as well as allow access to Northern Germany. Operation Varsity, the largest airborne action in history conducted in a single day and a sub-operation to Plunder, was launched to aid the crossing of the river by establishing a foothold across the Rhine and disrupting enemy communications. Despite heavy resistance, the paratroopers maintained their positions, allowing ground forces to take over the cities of the region in one quick swoop. The offensive went on for several days, with the US airborne units taking over numerous enemy positions, including the castle at Lembeck, which was turned into a heavily fortified defensive center for the Germans.