Operation Market Garden: Arnhem Bridge is the fourth Battle in the Allied Campaign.



With British plans to end the war by Christmas 1944, Operation Market Garden's goal was to open up a way into Germany's industrial heart through the Netherlands, utilizing several strategically key bridges over the Rhine that would be taken by Allied Airborne divisions in a swift strike, forming a corridor. It was the greatest airborne operation to date. The operation was started on 17 September 1944, and initially, several objectives between Eindhoven and Nijmegen were captured, but soon the Allied attack and the paratroopers behind enemy lines got bogged down by a fast enemy response. German forces managed to sabotage several bridges to halt Allied advance, and by 25 September, the momentum was lost, and the offensive stopped. Before their evacuation, British forces at the last intact bridge — the road bridge at Arnhem — held their position heroically against an overwhelming force after the nearby rail bridge and pontoon bridge were disabled.