Operation Barbarossa is the third Battle in the German Campaign.


  • Conduct an aerial recon to find soviet military assets
  • Break through the enemy frontline at its weakest point
  • Attack the area behind enemy lines and neutralize all military assets
  • Mop up the soviet defense line


Storming the Soviets 22 June 1941 marked the beginning of Operation Barbarossa (`Unternehmen Barbarossa' in German), the carefully planned and viciously executed invasion of the Soviet Union by Germany and its allies. Partly driven by Hitler's ideological desire to take over Russian territories, the planning of the invasion started as early as the winter of 1940. The operation saw the march of four million Axis soldiers — the largest invasion force in history — on an almost 3000 kilometer wide frontline running from the Baltic states to Southern Ukraine. Attacking without warning and using Blitzkrieg techniques, the Axis forces won resounding victories in the early stages of the operation. Each rapid forward movement was preceded by air and artillery bombardment and by August, the Germans had moved forward by several hundred kilometers, especially in Ukraine and Belarus. Even though the invasion came to a halt later at Moscow, the Germans conquered much of the Western part of the USSR.