Omar Nelson Bradley, or "Brad", was a highly distinguished US senior officer who took part in Allied operations from North Africa to Western Europe. He was promoted to General of the Army, leading all the American armies on the Western front from the summer of 1944. A resourceful strategist and tactician, he was an expert of support tactics and artillery management.


  • Passive Abilities
    • Fast Loading - Supply trucks load other units 50% faster.
    • Army Mechanics - Engineers in repair vehicles can heal vehicles up to 50% of their maximum hit points in addition of fixing critical damages.
    • Smoke Grenades - Infantry units deploy with 3 smoke grenades. Smoke grenades apply a fog of war effect where thrown (in a 25 meter diameter for 10 seconds), hiding friendly units.
    • Towing Hooks - Recon vehicles, light tanks, and self-propelled anti-aircraft vehicles receive the ability to pull towed guns
  • 1 Star
    • Hatch Lookout - More effective use of the top hatch increases the vision range of tanks to 38 meters, but makes the tank commander more vulnerable.
    • Hand Grenades - Submachine gunners, riflemen, and paratroopers deploy with 2 hand grenades.
  • 2 Stars
    • Smoke Discharge Systems - Armored units deploy with 3 uses of smoke discharger. Smoke dischargers apply a fog of war effect around the unit (in a 8 meter diameter for 10 seconds, hiding friendly units).
    • Reinforced Sandbag Bunkers- Towed anti tank units can deploy a reinforced sandbag cover that protects against attacks from all directions (damage decreased by 40% from above, 40% from frontal attacks and %40 from the sides). The unit can’t be towed while the bunker is active.
  • 3 Stars
    • Demolition Kits - Riflemen deploys with 2 landmines, sumachine gunners deploys with 1 anti tank grenade or rocket launcher (mission dependant), and paratroopers deploys with 1 TNTs.
    • Extended Camouflage - Light, medium and heavy tanks along with recon cars, self-propelled anti-tanks and towed anti-tanks are more difficult to detect in light vegetation (effective detection range changes to 22 meters).
  • 4 Stars
    • Precision Shots - Decreases the shell dispersion area by 50% for artillery units.
    • Sandbag Covers - Armored units can deploy a sandbag cover that protects against attacks (damage decreased by 25% from frontal attacks and 25% from the sides), but becoming immobile.
  • 5 Stars
    • APCR Rounds - All tanks, self-propelled anti-tank vehicles, towed anti-tank vehicles, recon vehicles, and anti-tank infantry deploy with 3 armor-piercing anti-tank rounds (20% damage increase on these rounds).