Johannes Albrecht Blaskowitz was a General who was awarded the Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross with Oak Leaves and Swords. He took part in action from the initial German war effort in Europe to the defense of Northern France and Germany itself. An expert of infantry warfare and tactics, he was well known for a disciplined, firm command of his men.


  • Passive Abilities
    • Infantry Drills - Infantry aims more accurately with ballistic weapons (20% increase in aim).
    • Hand Grenades - Submachine gunners, riflemen, and paratroopers deploy with 2 hand grenades.
  • 1 Star
    • First Aid - Severely wounded infantry can use first aid to recover from a downed state and be able to act again.
    • Hatch Lookout - More effective use of the top hatch increases the vision range of tanks to 38 meters, but makes the tank commander more vulnerable.
  • 2 Stars
    • Grenade Drills - Increases the range of grenade throws to 45 meters
    • Smoke Grenades - Infantry units deploy with 3 smoke grenades. Smoke grenades apply a fog of war effect where thrown (in a 25 meter diameter for 10 seconds), hiding friendly units.
  • 3 Stars
    • Sprint - Increases the movement speed for infantry units by 15%.
    • Demolition Kits - Riflemen deploys with 2 landmines, submachine gunners deploys with 1 anti tank grenade or rocket launcher (mission dependant), and paratroopers deploys with 1 TNTs.
  • 4 Stars
    • Backpack - Infantry units deploy with 1 applicable extra gear (Grenades, TNT, AT Grenade, Mine, or Smoke Grenade).
    • Binoculars - Officer units reveal hidden units in range.
  • 5 Stars
    • Tough Guy - Infantry units receive 10% damage reduction.