Moritz Albrecht Franz Friedrich Fedor von Bock was a Field Marshal who led army groups in the invasions of Poland, France, and Soviet Russia. Having a reputation for being a fiery lecturer, earning him the nickname "Holy Fire of Kustrin", he was an expert in support tactics and artillery management, and was considered a very determined, by-the-book officer.


  • Passive Abilities
    • Army Telemeter - Artillery units fire with more accuracy, decreasing the time to zero in on their target (10% zeroing in bonus).
    • Army Mechanics - Engineers in repair vehicles can heal vehicles up to 50% of their maximum hit points in addition of fixing critical damages.
    • Smoke Grenades - Infantry units deploy with 3 smoke grenades. Smoke grenades apply a fog of war effect where thrown (in a 25 meter diameter for 10 seconds), hiding friendly units.
    • Towing Hooks - Recon vehicles, light tanks, and self-propelled anti-aircraft vehicles recieve the ability to pull towed guns.
  • 1 Star
    • Hatch Lookout - More effective use of the top hatch increases the vision range of tanks to 38 meters, but makes the tank commander more vulnerable.
    • Hand Grenades - Submachine gunners, riflemen, and paratroopers deploy with 2 hand grenades.
  • 2 Stars
    • Smoke Discharge Systems - Armored units deploy with 3 uses of smoke discharger. Smoke dischargers apply a fog of war effect around the unit ( in a 8 meter diameter for 10 seconds, hiding friendly units.
    • Reinforced Sandbag Bunkers - Towed anti tank units can deploy a reinforced sandbag cover that protects against attacks from all directions (damage decreased by 40% from above, 40% from frontal attacks and %40 from the sides). The unit can’t be towed while the bunker is active.
  • 3 Stars
    • Demolition Kits - Riflemen deploys with 2 landmines, submachine gunners deploys with 1 anti tank grenade or rocket launcher (mission dependant), and paratroopers deploys with 1 TNTs.
    • Extended Camouflage - Light, medium and heavy tanks along with recon cars, self-propelled anti-tanks and towed anti-tanks are more difficult to detect in light vegetation (effective detect range changes to 22 meters).
  • 4 Stars
    • Precision Shots - Decreases the shell dispersion area by 50% for artillery units.
    • Sandbag Covers - Armored units can deploy a sandbag cover that protects against attacks (damage decreased by 25% from frontal attacks and 25% from the sides), but becoming immobile.
  • 5 Stars
    • APCR Rounds - All tanks, self-propelled anti-tank vehicles, towed anti-tank vehicles, recon vehicles, and anti-tank infantry deploy with 3 armor-piercing anti-tank rounds (20% damage increase on these rounds).