The Battle of the Hedgerows is the second Battle in the Allied Campaign.



One of the conflicts that comprised the Battle of the Hedgerows, the capture of the town of Saint-Lo, was fought between July 9th and 24th, 1944. After the success of the invasion of Normandy, Allied forces quickly targeted several cities of the peninsula to cut off German support and retreat lines. Saint-La was a valuable strategic point thanks to its many crossroads. To get to it, however, the French bocage area had to be broken through, which proved to be a difficult task. Ideal for defensive combat, this large area of mounds and hedgerows (or „bocage") allowed the Germans to put up heavy resistance. US forces took some time to adapt to the unique layout of the region and develop tactics that allowed them to advance. The eventual American breakthrough to the city was preceded by a bombardment in June during the Battle of Normandy that leveled most of the city, creating a maze of ruins that was later called The Capital of Ruins by Samuel Beckett.