The Battle of the Falaise Pocket : Mont Ormel Ridge is the sixth Battle in the German Campaign.


  • Reinforce the defense line in the north and repel the attacks
  • Open a gap in the enemy line and create a safe passage through
  • Defend the convoys from enemy ambushes
  • Withdraw your forces from the encirclement


Following the landing of the Allied forces in Normandy, the German defenders in the region were having a difficult time rearranging their front lines and regrouping, with invaders popping up from all directions. During the Battle of the Falaise Pocket (12-21 August 1944), the Allied armies encircled the retreating German Army Group B, including the 7th Army and the 5th Panzer Army, around the town of Falaise. By the evening of 19th August the Allies lined up at Chambois, closing the pocket. German forces outside the pocket managed to open a corridor at St. Lambert and held it open heroically until the evening of 21 August, allowing half of the entrapped army to escape before the Allies resealed the opening. Although many escaped, the losses were catastrophic both in men and equipment, and about half of the soldiers, 50,000 men, remained caught in the encirclement, practically annihilating Army Group B and opening up the way to France and Germany for the enemy.