The Battle of the Falaise Pocket : St. Lambert is the third Battle in the Allied Campaign.



The speed and decisiveness of the invading Allied armies after the Battle of Normandy proved too much for the German defenders to handle, as they desperately tried to regroup. The Battle of the Falaise Pocket started on 12 August 1944, when the Allied advance encircled the retreating German Army Group B at the town of Falaise. By the evening of 19 August the Allies at Chambois outmaneuvered the defenders and managed to close the pocket, trapping over 100,000 enemy soldiers without relief. German forces outside the pocket at St. Lambert opened a gap and held it open until the evening of August 21st, allowing about half of their forces to escape before the Allies resealed the opening with a counterattack. German losses were catastrophic both in men and equipment, with half of their army group still trapped behind enemy lines. They soon surrendered, practically annihilating Army Group B and opening up the way to Paris and into Germany itself for the Allies.