The Battle of the Bulge: Elsenborn Ridge is the fifth Battle in the Allied Campaign.



The Battle of the Bulge was the result of a German operation (the `Ardennenoffensive) that started on 16 December 1944 and raged on for about a month throughout the Ardennes mountains in Belgium and Luxembourg. The objectives were the capturing of Antwerp to deny the Allies the use of its deep-water port and separating the American and British armies. The operation relied on multiple criteria: surprise, overcast weather conditions to neutralize Allied air superiority, rapid advance, and capturing Allied fuel supplies along the way. The Germans managed to build-up forces in secrecy and the attack was a very successful ambush at first. However, improving weather conditions and a fierce American resistance slowed and eventually stopped the onslaught. Although ultimately unsuccessful in achieving its goals, the offensive shook the belief of Allied high command that the Germans had already been beaten.