The Battle of Sedan: Wadelincourt is the first Battle in the German Campaign.


  • Cross the bridge before the french blow it up, blocking the only way across the river Meuse.
  • Eliminate enemy bunkers and other defenses


The Battle of Sedan was fought as part of the French Campaign when Germany invaded France early in the war. It was part of the "Fall Gelb" (Case Yellow), an offensive operation through the Aredennes mountains to outflank and decimate the Allied armies in Belgium and North-eastern France and open up a way into enemy territory. To be able to advance freely into France, the Germans had to take the city of Sedan and cross the Meuse river, protected by a defense line of over 100 bunkers and strong artillery. Starting on 12 May, armored divisions took the city and attempted to move across the river at Wadelincourt, but were lacking sufficient artillery support, so they had to rely on the German air force, the "Luftwaffe", almost entirely. Outgunned by French artillery, the German forces managed to break the tough enemy defenses while the air battle unfolded above them. This victory led to the Axis forces flanking the... TBC.