The Battle of Moscow: Kalinin Front is the second Battle in the Soviet campaign.


As the capital of the USSR, the city of Moscow was one of the primary targets of Germany's invasion on the Eastern Front. The attack, Operation Typhoon, started on 2 October 1941 and soon became a turning point for the eastern theater of the war. As the German offensive halted after coming very close to the city even in the face of the fierce Russian defense in November, fresh Soviet divisions from the East were deployed behind Moscow. On 5 December, the Soviet counteroffensive was initiated on the Kalinin Front. The Germans were caught by surprise, as they estimated the Russian forces to be as depleted and exhausted by then as their own. Because Hitler forbade any form of surrender to his forces in the face of the Soviet attack, many German soldiers fell in the hopeless defense of their crumbling lines. By year's end, the Red Army had droven the enemy back by over 100 kilometers, and started counterattacks in other sectors. The Germans were unable to reorganize their lines... TBC.