The Battle of Kursk: Ponyri is the fourth Battle in the Soviet campaign.


The German armies that invaded the Soviet Union conducted their final offensive operation at Kursk starting on 5 July 1943. Their attack was meant to push the Red Army into defense and weaken their forces to prevent a summer counteroffensive. The Russians were positioned in and around the town of Kursk in a salient, and the German maneuver consisted of a pincer to outflank the enemy on their northern and southern fronts. Thanks to Allied intelligence sources, the Soviet command was aware of the German plans, and built a strong defensive line to beat back an offensive force spearheaded by superior armored units. Still, on the northern flank the attackers managed to advance through a number of Russian defense lines in quick succession, penetrating into Soviet territory 8-10 kilometers deep before coming to a halt at the village of Ponyri. The heroic defenders there held out long enough for the Red Army to counterattack and push the Germans back on the northern side.