The Battle of Kursk : Prokhorovka is the fifth Battle in the German Campaign.


  • Occupy the two villages to the east to strengthen our front line
  • Occupy the village to the northwest
  • When our flanks are secured, attack and occupy Prokhorovka


Code-named Operation Citadel, the German offensive at Kursk began in July 1943. The goal was to encircle and cut off the Russian forces near the town in a salient that was 160 kilometers deep westward. The operation was a gigantic pincer movement where the 9th Army would break through the northern front, and 4th Panzer Army would do the same in the South. The attack was delayed, and the Russians had ample time to build multiple lines of defenses strengthened by trenches, mine-fields, and anti-tank strong points. This eventually stopped the Germans in the northern sector. On 12 July, on the southern front, the Russians counterattacked near Prokhorovka with five tank brigades, which led to the largest tank battle in the war. Both sides lost a lot of tanks and infantry, and were forced to withdraw and reinforce, but the attackers did not have the reserves to bolster their ranks. Thus, the offensive was called off and Germany lost the initiative for the rest of the war.