The Battle of France: Arras is the second Battle in the German Campaign.


  • Capture the gas station
  • Advance over the railway lines and eliminate all opposition


The quick success of the German blitzkrieg assault on France prompted Allied high command to respond rapidly to the threat. This, in turn, led to the Battle of Arras in 23. May 1940 when the Germans, deep in French territory were attacked from the north by English, and from the south by French forces. The counterattack was meant to stop the Axis armies from cutting off the Allied troops trapped in Belgium by breaking through the invading armored spearhead. However, due to the lack of coordination on the Allied side and a quick restructuring of German artillery, this resulted in only a fleeting initial success for the Anglo-French armies. Following this short panic in the Axis lines the invaders, under the command of Erwin Rommel, managed to push back the counter-offensive and the Allied troops had to withdraw to avoid becoming trapped themselves. With the failure of the offensive at Arras, the Battle of France was mostly concluded and Anglo-French resistance in the West was all but wiped out.